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Manjuluni Erasto from Tanzania message

Manjuluni Erasto from Tanzania message
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Japan used cars.
Hi. I am Manjulun Erasto. I am a Tanzanian man of 22 years old. (Because i was born in 1995). I am a student, studying at the university of Dar es salaam. This university is at Tanzania. I am taking the program / course of BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CHEMICAL AND PROCESS ENGINEERING.
I appreciate your contribution in making sure that there is technology development and transfer (especially in transportation facilities i.e cars).
I am sure that through these strategies and actions, people over all the corners of the world will be so happy and familiar with these technological innovations that are being done or conducted by tis CAR FROM JAPAN. Also, i am sure that, through this system or program, there Will be some people who will develop economically and socially, because they will achieve their dreams they have been struggled for so long. So, this company, through this program and many other programs ( known and unknown ) leads to development of individuals economically and socially.
Thanks for your contributions.

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