Find. Buy. Drive

Mambo marwa from Tanzania message


Because i have more points than other
Its fantastic car
But how can get a car for free ?
Best car and quality
Always My dream is to get best and quality car from JAPAN because Japan they produce best and quality car
Am Dream to have car from japan

I want to be a winner because I’m a college student and when I go to College don’t find transportation comes too late I see some people who own cars, whether Japanese or Chinese or whatever kind you go in front of people and I’m with them and doesn’t stop us liked to buy a car but I have no money reward for buying a car and even a model is not a hadeeth wakhedt Pact with myself that if I bought a car anyone where big was not close to small nearby Sheriff, I will in the car. Not even late for work or college or whatever holds

Thinking that Japan is a country so long that the simplest example of veracity, studied at the College of engineering in material you studied sports with over there and China’s gap 1 mm or 0.1 mm either Japan’s cherished evidence of Japan’s strength in the industry and provide wonderful beautiful gap areas is 0.01 mm and this thing impressed me a lot and then worked the power and greatness of Japan and Japanese people

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