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Mahendra Kumar from India message

Mahendra Kumar from India message
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It is very kind of this competition that gives a chance that a common man can also have a car. I live in India and i am trying my best to get a car of my own but i don not have the sufficient money to buy it. This is all because of this competition i.e., Car from Japan that I could be able to win a car. I know the possibilities are very less but after all who knows the future. If my luck is with me then there could be some possibility to win this competition. I am very grateful to the sponsors and all the members that are involved in this competition. I have been trying from many years to win a competition like this but did not achieved any success yet. This is my 19 trial or entry in a car competition and i am hoping that this time i could be successful. I do not know what the result will be but i would like to thank the sponsors and members of this competition who give hope to hopeless people like me. Winning or Losing does matters. We should at least keep trying and someday the success will be our. Keeping this in view i always make a move ahead in these types of competition and take participation. Competition like Car from Japan helps us to make our dream true. The efforts made by this competition is very appreciable. I am very excited for the results.That would be a very special moment for me and also for all the participants of this competition. Only the lucky one will get the car of his choose under the given money limit of this competition. Counting the days of the result of this competition to get a car. It would be amazing to drive one of these machines of my own If i win this competition. The time is coming close for the results. Hoping to be a winner of this competition. I have also crossed my fingers to win the competition. With this much points hoping to be the winner of this competition. I am really excited to know the results.

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