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maduhu buhuhi from Tanzania message

maduhu buhuhi from Tanzania message
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-You should pick me as a winner in this program of CAR FROM JAPAN because of the following reasons:-
(a)I dare to engage in this program
(b)I have already being your friend now and I use such chance to advertise your business to all my friends found in social networks
(c)I always like to to buy commodities made in Japan, thus I believe that the reward which is prepared by my friends from Japan is of high standard
(d)Giving me the reward may encourage my comrades to participate into the coming competitions
-The way I think about CAR FROM JAPAN may differ with many participants in this program because always I trust what I engage into it by believing that Iam going to win and I do not being disheartened when I fail instead I prepare myself to the coming competition while correcting all mistakes which I made.

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