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madaliso phiri from Zambia message

madaliso phiri from Zambia message
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am glad to be part of this competition for the second time now, though i did not win last time. am looking forward to having a good relationship with a wold class brand like yours. CAR FROM JAPAN competition is very good initiative with a very strong sense of corporate responsibility. this is aimed at giving back to the customer and appreciating/enhancing the relationship.

i have been following this competition making this as my second attempt, my interest in Japanese used cars and my support for the brand positions me to be picked as a winner this time around.

CAR FROM JAPAN has made life easy especially in third world countries were an average person can now afford to own a personal motor vehicle. this have resulted in the countries economy to grow in the scene the demand for petroleum product and spears has grown. communication and road infrastructure to mention but a few. it is there encouraged you keep up with you cooperate social responsibility partnering with consumers it developing the wold.

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