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Macey Harrell from USA message

Macey Harrell from USA message
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I remember seeing my first import car when I was just a kid. I remember it was a Datsun, and I remember just falling in love with that boxy, sporty style. As I grew I also grew a great appreciation for Japanese vehicles. I don’t mean the imports we get here in the States, I mean the models most Americans don’t know about. The sophisticated Century or Cedric hardtop. The Mitsuoka, with the old 40’s type styling of American cars, but open up the doors, and inside it’s just as gorgeous. I just love all that there is about Japanese vehicles, and I would be highly honored to be chosen to receive a car. It would truly be a dream come true. A dream of owning a right hand drive, beautifully crafted, stylish, TRUE Japanese vehicle.

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