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Lynet from Kenya message

Lynet from Kenya message
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My sincere gratitude to CAR FROM JAPAN for this wonderful competition. I am a young lady from Kenya who has always longed for owning a car from either Japan or UK. I love cars mainly from Japan because I ‘ve been told since I was a child that Japanese are the best car/vehicle manufacturers the world.
Since 2013 I’ve been searching for used cars from Japan. I tried sites like. “carfromjapan” and “sbtjapan”. Wonderful cars on both sites. But much cheaper ones on, carfromjapan. The cars look newer but very cheap that I thought to myself, where can I get the money to become a car owner?
Since this opportunity arises, I can’t hesitate but join the compaign.
I remember showing a friend of mine a very nice car which was less than 100,000 kenyan shillings from your site in 2013.
And sincerely speaking I’ve always wanted to tell my friends whom I thought would be in a position to own a car such sites like this since I,myself is not yet ready due to financial constraints.
I wish to emerge an automatic winner,if this would be based on passion for the compaign and hard work. Like I said, I am so passionate about Japanese used car and my wish is; if I can’t own one,then let my friends looking for cars get one from CAR FROM JAPAN.This is therefore,the best platform for me to let them be aware of Japanese used car.
Japanese used car is the best thing that can happen to an individual who really want to own a car. These cars are very cheap yet are in good conditions and the infirmation provided on each car has a lot of sincerity.
I therefore encourage everyone especially from my country Kenya to visit this site and choose their preference.
Thank you CAR FROM JAPAN. I hope I’ll be a very useful tool in this compaign and by the end of it all, my reward, shall I get.

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