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Luka Marinović from Italy message

Luka Marinović from Italy message
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12 years ago I bought a car, it is still with me. My good old Honda Civic coupe EX, american can which I drive in Europe. Can’t get rid of it because it’s so damn good & nice to drive.
I’ve changed few other cars, but this one stayed with me. & I’m just happy with driving it. Even went that far to learn a little Japanese, to better know the culture, which is amazing. You Japanese people have so much similarities in your history, but also pulled it through. You also have such heroes, which also pulled you out of the bad times. But how you live your lives into pursuing the perfection – it just amazes me, like so many Europeans.
If I’d choose my wife, it would be from Japan. That’s a long shot, I know. So I might settle for a car. A Japanese car. Some quicker Honda Civic TypeR from 6gen (1996-2000), Honda Integra TypeR (1998-2001) or some family cars like Honda Accord TypeR (2000-2002) or Subaru Imprezza B22 (1998-2000). That would be a nice cars to drive, just enough of those 184hp to 250hp. Not too much, not too little.

Do you have such a cars in your shop?

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