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LUCY MUGURE from Kenya message

LUCY MUGURE from Kenya message
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hi car from japan team, this is a very wonderful opportunity for a less privileged people like us, its a kind of uncommon opportunities around, actually this is my first time of entrying into a chance of winning a car like this, i know i will have a greater chance of winning a car because its what i really need now, however am going to do everything possible for me to get it.
i think the team of car from japan is doing a tremendous work especially to the people from this part of Africa many would love to have their own car driven and enjoyed by their family members but they are not able to because many are less privileged, many have some money but its not very enough to purchase a new car therefore they are left with the options of buying a locally used car that will eventually end up in the mechanic workshop for many time trying to fix one mechanical problems or the other.
how ever this is giving a great opportunity to a less previledged people form this part of the world an ample chances to try their luck in own a brand new cars.

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