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Luciano Mwale from Zimbabwe message

Luciano Mwale from Zimbabwe message
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If you pick me as the winner i will become your ambassador, i will also promote, market and encourage people to buy cars from Car From Japan. Will campaign all the time and everywhere, targeting mostly potential buyers of used cars from Japan. Mostly l will be encouraging and targeting those who cannot afford to buy new cars so that they can own their dream cars through affordable used cars from Japan.Even if I didn’t win a car I will still go on to be your loyal supporter and ambassador here in Zimbabwe. l will encourage them to buy these cars because spares and other accessories are available through out the whole world as compared to Americans and Germans vehicle spares which are very expensive and not affordable to poor people in developing countries and those low income earners

What l think about CAR FROM JAPAN is that they are company that provide cheaper and affordable vehicles, In many countries of the world people rely on Japanese used cars for their long-lasting service and availability of spares and maintenance. Cars from Japan are cheap and highly efficient. The maintenance is easy and spare parts are available for all models. Since many African countries are poor and still developing used cars have helped them to grow their economy and has greatly improved they ways of living especially on commercial and transportation purposes. Japanese used cars are cheaper and affordable as compared to Americans and German cars which are very expensive and not affordable to poor people like us. You will be frowning to know that in some cases Japanese cars are a better fit than their more expensive rivals. these vehicle are also suitable for all weather conditions around the world. Japanese companies manufacture cars which allows the manufacturers to sell their car at a much lower price in the local market hence allows people to change to new models whenever they want it. Moreover, the Japanese are used to buy newer models whenever they arrive in the market. So, they frequently change their cars and sell the old ones for cheap. Car from Japan is doing a good job by collecting these used cars and ship them to our countries. These days almost everyone own courtesy of your company [CAR FROM JAPAN], please keep up the good work you a life server our African continent and the world at large

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