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LINUS MUNENE from Kiribati message

LINUS MUNENE from Kiribati message
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Linus ,young Kenyan in college from African continent.I take this privilege to exress my sincere wish in having my dream car from Japan. In our country and continent has a developing country, People are in search of genuine and affordable automobile ,Of which your company (CARS FROM JAPAN ) has proved to offer the best auto..
Japan world’s largest Automobile manufacturer & exporter with companies such as Honda,Mazda,Mitsubishi, Nissan,Subaru,Suzuki & Toyota which have taken the automobile market in world more so in developing country like ours (KENYA) .
As I will be going to graduate this year,my wish to have my first car will be from -CARS FROM JAPAN …car of interest is
..Manufacture -Honda (Honda jazz)
Class -Mini MPV (subcompact car
Body style -5 door hatch back
Layout-front engine ,front wheel drive/four wheel drive (Japan)
platform-Honda global small car
Engine -1.5L LISA 14(petrol)
Transmission-5 speed automatic CUT(Japan)
Dimension ..
wheel base -2,500mm (98.4 in)
length -4,410mm (173.6in) fit shuttle
width -1,695mm (66.7in )
Height-1,540 mm fit shuttle
Curb weight -2,359 in

That’s my first dream car as I leave college , a car I can manage ,Wish you can reward me with this and make my dream true.
Thank you for your good work ,Hop to partner with you.

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