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Lilian Thomas Kipese from Tanzania message

Lilian Thomas Kipese from Tanzania message
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I probably think you should pick me admist all those that am competing with in this campaign because i believe in my capabilities as far as promotion sales is concerned. To be honest I have no car and I have never driven a car so I would like cars from Japan to be my first sample and to also show people out there how good cars from Japan are. In our country people have a tendency of buying cars not beacause of the quality of the car but just the fact of having a car to solve transport problem issues. When you pick me as one of the sponsers of cars from Japan I will fully participate in advertising the brand to all that I know but also to other people that I don’t know in various social medias am make sure the brand I widely know and fully accepted not beause you offered me a free car but beacause Tanzanians need to get some thing that is good and worth them. So please consider me as your advertiser in Tanzania

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