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Lilian Mutiso from Kenya message

Lilian Mutiso from Kenya message
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Cars from Japan are best for a developing country like Kenya. Manufactured by / high new technology , environment friendly, low fuel consumption and made to be enjoyed by the buyers, pocket friendly though no to all as mostly Kenyans live under minimum wage , mostly try to survive but that’s does not mean they can’t enjoy the beauty in manufacture of motor vehicle industries. I have always wanted to own a car but my salary can’t allow as I have to take care of my sons upkeep, education shelter and all other basic needs to make sure he finishes his education and also take him to the university. As well I have always admired the news motor vehicles models that we always see inn the Japanese markets and imagined the ideas and technologies of a developed country like Japan, if same came be imported (brought/incorporated to Kenya) And our youth be taught on how and we start our own manufacturing plants creating jobs by investing in these areas and making Kenya a great country. Ha ha… Even if its the old fashioned manufacturing.. I will appreciate if I win one of these cars Toyota hilux double cabin… Ha ha.. yom latest model. Thank you for creating such an opportunity for people like us . warm regards

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