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Lilian from Tanzania message

Lilian from Tanzania message
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Thanks much for giving me opportunity for joining your competition of car from Japan. This competition can help me in my future plan because am planning to start the business which can help me to make partners with outside the county that can help me to be known to be export my products which I can be produced in my company such as to training people who are living in poor live to have able to get their need daily like the rich that I can help in porty industry which make pots. Bed and table that can be unique than other company that can stimulate the outside to purchase it
I think cars from Japan can help me to establish my company and to reach my target customer even to reach my goal of my company such as to pay taxes, to educated people about business to be independent if is male or female without depending to others also this cars from Japan can help people or person reach the targeted goals for example when he Or she can help to find the customers in different places because he or she get the equipment or tool that can be easy to sales the products or services from one region to another region that can help also to retained the customers if there is far to reach but can go to few day per week inorder to remains in your products. I think am the win in cars from Japan because a person who have qualified their rules and regulations for joining this competition that can stimulate people to prefer to be the winner in the competition also can help to make or to create the relationship with other people from different countries that can supporting in my business which i want to establish soon after getting capital of starting my business. Therefore this competition it can stimulate people to know how developing countries can supporting under developing countries in different aspects such as like that competition that can make people to be more thinking how to be the winner in that competition that can supporting in the business that can influence people to be establish their company and employed alot of youth’s who are unemployment and also can reduce the issues of grieves. Smokers drunk man or woman and postutitution that can help to be busy in work and to think how I can survival in their lives through improvement of standard of living. To get basic needs such as food. Shelter and clothes also to send children to send in order to reduce ignorance also to increase the economic of society and in county through paid taxes therefore to have income securation in the society as well as possible

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