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Lepei Dagaea from Papua New Guinea message

Lepei Dagaea from Papua New Guinea message
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Hello Lan and team,

I am grateful at this gesture of rewarding your customers that you have established. I believe that it will go a long way. I am a Papua New Guinean citizen and I am happily married with three children who are all minors. I am currently using a Toyota Voltz which is a good family car but I am facing a lot of problems which are to do with the car and it is really causing me a lot of financial constraints. The condition of the road where I reside is out of this world, I really do not know when the road will ever be sealed and maintained. If you are unaware, my country has the most rugged terrains in the world. Adding to that, most road systems are not even sealed and therefore are impassable. I believe that the Toyota brand was made purposely for a country like mine and the Land Cruiser to be the most desirable car for us.

With the financial status of the country and the poor state that we are in at present, I will be frank with you that I together with my people are suffering in silence. I am a public servant and am struggling financially to keep up with these changing times.

It would be great to have won a car in this competition, it would be a dream come true indeed. This car will really serve me and my family well as we can travel the highways without facing any problems at all. We travel the rough roads to get to our residences in our home villages and it takes nearly a whole day to travel, if conditions are worse then sometimes we camp out or if we get help then we are towed by other vehicles or it is just manpower (men pushing the vehicle along) that we manoeuvre past the impassable sections of the road and continue on with our journey home. This requires tireless work and effort and is what mostly occurs anyway, you can just imagine that.

If considered to be the right candidate for a winner, I assure you that I will be a good brand/sponsor ambassador and give my all in bringing more customers to the organisation. I think that this is a really good initiative from the Car from Japan and let me tell you that I will not disappoint you as my people and I TRUST Japanese made cars and that its used cars are very affordable for us therefore all will go well.

Please consider my genuine and sincere application.

Thank you.

Ms. Lepei Dagaea

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