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Leonnie Nohou from Papua New Guinea message

Leonnie Nohou from Papua New Guinea message
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A car from Japan will be a dream come true for me. I have always wanted a car especially a 4wd Toyota double cab. That is my greatest need to help me travel the highway as I always travel by a Public Motor Vehicle. I like Japanese used cars as there are spare parts and are easier to purchase or order. I have come to know about Japanese used cars from a friend who owns a Japanese used car and runs it for taxi. He taught me and my husband about these Japanese used cars and told us that Toyota Japanese used cars are right ones to order or buy cheap through internet. When surfing internet I always click the Japanese used cars just to see the car from Japan I dreamed of and wish to own or buy whenever I have enough or money. I look for the favourite color green and also check if its the 4 wheel drive. I even check the year and if it is a manual . Anyway I once was taught little Japanese and Japan is my favorite country I therefore trust and believe in Japanese used cars for quality and cheap to buy. I truelly wish to own a car from Japan. Sayonara and arigato gozaimos if I am correct. A car from Japan. Winner if I am.

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