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Leighanne Geniembo from Papua New Guinea message

Leighanne Geniembo from Papua New Guinea message
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Since I only just heard about “Car From Japan”, I can only say that, from the look of the logo and reading through the website, I can clearly tell that “Car From Japan”, is an awesome organization and whoever that competes in this contest, will indeed be overwhelmed to be the luckiest winner of the vehicle of their choice.

If I was selected to be the lucky winner of my car preference? I’ll be truly blessed! Because now my son and I would have a vehicle of our own to travel to and from our planned destination. When I was at the age of 9years my late father had shown me the basics of driving but I had never actually driven a car in the last 26 years of my life. So, If I was selected? I’ll be glad!! ?

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