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Lazaro Barnabas Mloka from Tanzania message

Lazaro Barnabas Mloka from Tanzania message
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Dear Lan, am very glad to know that you respect my presence in this competition which sponsored by CAR FROM JAPAN.
It is my thoughts that Japan is among of the Far East Countries which used to import Cars in East African Countries including Tanzania. From many years ago up today, still Japan remain as the country which import the best/quality cars in Tanzania and other African countries. As you know that Tanzania is among of the developing countries hence, mostly covered by rough roads but that is not the matter when you travel with Japanese car. Tours during holidays, and other safaris become more enjoyable with different Japanese cars. The most good in Tanzania is that, about more than 60 percent of car owners, their cars are imported from Japan. It was my dream since I was completed my studies, to own a car from Japan but still my dream did not fulfilled. But to my side, with the god’s will, it will be a good opportunity to win the competition. I would like to become the winner of this competition as well as to be the representative of the CAR FROM JAPAN!!
yours, Lazaro Barnabas Mloka

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