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When I first wanted to join the competition back in 2016 it had already closed so I contacted CAR FROM JAPAN through the email provided. I was told to wait for any updates and true to their word came the 2017 Grand Giveaway. Bigger and better I believe that the competition could not be any more fair. My major concern was that I am not that well known on social media and my points would rank low but I strive to make that not matter when I log in to their website or receive an email daily. The thought of CAR FROM JAPAN choosing me as a winner for their grand prize was, is and will be my motivation to participate in this and more competition by CAR FROM JAPAN. Japanese used cars are a healthy trend globally and beats all odds from luxury to convenient. As a Japanese student everyday as I take public transport to school I try picturing all Japanese Cars just vanishing off the highway, let us just say I and a couple million people would be walking our destinations. Clearly Japanese used cars not only integrate Japanese culture and lifestyle into the world but also take part in building foreign cultures and lifestyles (I should know,I study it). CAR FROM JAPAN is a piece of a greater master plan in the evolving world.

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