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Lavern Gowdie from Jamaica message

Lavern Gowdie from Jamaica message
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Japanese used cars has established a name for itself in my country. Their product speaks for itself manufactured with cheaper interior and body pieces but with electronics and engines that last.

The reason it has become so big and popular is because Japanese used car are excellently designed and parts are made extremely strongly so they can do the job they need to do easily. This makes them extremely reliable to taxi man and other car owners.

I also heard that Japanese car company where they encourage their workers to stop the production line if they see a problem with a car or even if they just think there might be some problem, They and the employees then talk about the problem, how it will be fixed and then fix it. The production line does not get started again until the problem is fixed. That is amazing and a great thing to do and another reason why Japanese car are so reliable. Other car companies tell their workers that they are never allow to stop the production line even if they see
some problem . Japanese want workers to stop the production line and the cars also go for check by the people at the end of the production line as well.
This is why I think cars from Japan are better quality than every other country and last longer than cars from any other country.

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