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Laura Billy from Solomon Islands message

Laura Billy from Solomon Islands message
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Everyone is a winner, that’s includes me.
I always dream of owning a vichile, because life in my country is difficult to catch, Solomon islands transport is very difficult, taxi is very too expensive.
But I always dream to own a car and compare to others I believe in miracle,so I believe it is possible that I can be a winner.if i win, I would provide the best transportation service for all people.
Another thing why I should be pick as the winner is to prove to my people that car from Japan is the best and quality vichile in the car business. Because i’ve been campaigning for the company on my wall and some say its fake but I did I not give winning the prize I will be an asset for your market because I will market the vichile with confidence and strength because first thing is: I used to worked at the transfer money and know all about it.they only accept business account and I do have one so they can purchase vichile using my account and other thing is in order for customers purchase they would see my vichile they will believe my words
.all about you.being the best vichile seller in the whole world.

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