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LAITIA RABUAQALI from Fiji message


I’m glad to have a chance in participating in the free give away Car From Japan.If I had a chance of winning a car It’ll be a great pleasure for me.Because first of all, I’ll say that it will be the best day of my whole life , and it would let my family, friend’s and people of my country know better in dealing with cars from Japan ,and letting them know that cars from Japan are the best car model in the whole universe and that they could participate too in the up coming events. As in my on knowledge I strongly believe that cars from Japan are save and sound in having one and are comfortable in cruising away.
Lan,more over, in my research, car from Japan are the best , and the sky is the limit. So I prefer in winning those cars rather than having one that doesn’t run long.
Hope for my luck in winning.
Thank You.
Your’s, Laitia.

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