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kristen from South Africa message

kristen from South Africa message
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so i entered this competition thinking i could win a car from japan. about 6 months ago i got retrenched from my job i loved i since then got married to my best friend and the love of my life not to mention we have the same birth mark on the same leg as well was just meant to be lol. i also just had my birthday this month and was the best birthday i had in a long time spent with family and friends and being loved by the most amazing guy. i’m still looking for work and my loving husband supports me in every possible way its a bit difficult as we have 1 car and need another so both of us can work and get our daughter to school. i entered this japanese used car competition not only for myself but for my loving husband his an electrician and does private work and for his business to grow to provide a good income he needs a bakkie. so i would like to win free car from japan to show my husband that i love him and appreciate all the effort and love and comfort he provides to me and our family he is my rock and my heart. before all of this happened me losing my job that is we were planning on buying a house and also starting on a new addition to the family however that has now all been put on hold so for me to be able to help him with a income so we can reach our goals. anyway i think that’s enough about our life we just really need this push to get back up and start making our life plans but on the road to success. if i am chosen i would like to take this opportunity to say my warmest thanks and the amount of gratitude i will not be able to explain in words of how i will feel should i be selected to win free car from japan , thanks from a lovely family

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