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KOOYI from Uganda message

KOOYI from Uganda message
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The strategic location of my country and the nature of my work needs a strong and haevy vichle that can run over the hills/ mountains in my country.
Thence, reason why you should pick me as the winner is that i move through this places i know the type of cars that survive in such an environment, and hence use the experiance to chose the best car or suitable car in such places and as a result i advocate for market for these heavy and strong cars from Japan that will not breakdown easily and also perform for better results.

I think cars from japan are the best cars because, of the following?

  1. They are heavy and strong
  2. Easy to mantain for example fueling capacity is better than for others and its spare parts can be easily accessed.
  3. The record of the producer, infact i just realised of recent that there are also other countries that produce cars, but offcourse its had to break down the record of a pioneer.

Thence, those are some of my reasons that make me think cars from Japan are best and y i should be a winner of atleast one from japan and not only a winner but an agent.
Thanks alot.
I remain Kooyi
From Uganda.

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