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KONDWANI MSOFI from Malawi message

KONDWANI MSOFI from Malawi message
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Japanese used cars are not only the best on market but also the best used cars with best engines. In my country ‘Malawi’ more than 3 quarters of the cars in Malawian Streets, highways and towns have stickers of CAR FROM JAPAN and i have a positive feeling on the Japanese used cars because they don’t sell cars for damping but for intended purpose thus luxury and transportation. I say thumb up to CAR FROM JAPAN and keep it up. Malawi is in your hands. I LOVE JAPANESE USED CARS!. But if its possible, make some more centers here in Malawi so that the people do some of the processing at your offices within the country. I am suggesting this because its not the whole Malawian population which have the access to internet, but they are eager and capable of buying cars. Feel it in your hearts that i love your services.

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