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KIZZA ESTHER from Uganda message

KIZZA ESTHER from Uganda message
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Hello Lan Phan,

Its a pleasure hearing from you on this amazing opportunity to win a car.

You should pick me because of the amazing advise i have given below for your marketing process as your marketing is Brilliant as well.

I However would like to stress that some of these lovely opportunities are aimed at marketing which i appreciate, but what happens should i market this platform and i do not get anything having spent alot of time and effort to the dedication of invitation?

It would simply mean i have helped market. If one invested time and effort to your platform and you do not rewarded them anything, It will be so disappointing should a group of us advertise for you and even with the energy put in you don’t get to reward us.

I suggest say for example, if someone doesn’t market for you a specific number a week they are disqualified so that you keep the committed and drop the non interested at an early time of vetting this will increase traffic of invitations to the link.

I truly appreciate your effort to take this world wide, Kindly think about it. Though a specific number attached to this per week makes it more interesting and keeps the commitment.


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