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Kizito Enock Zilyawulawo from Uganda message

Kizito Enock Zilyawulawo from Uganda message
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I bought my directly imported car from Japan in June 2016 and trust me this car is as good as brandnew todate; I had a day-long journey last week of about 420 kilometres. I set my trip A reading and by the time I came back home,I was told that my fuel consumption was 14.9KM/L. I have never imagined this ever happens in life.
I have taken this car to the garage only twice and both times were for routine servicing. It is cool,comfortable and my problem with it is I reach people almost to knocking distance without them realizing there is a car behind them.
I used to put hoofers in my previous car to enhance its music output. this is no longer the case with this one. I like its performance to the extent even when am alone in the car,the blast keeps me awake.

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