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Kimberly Chin from Jamaica message

Kimberly Chin from Jamaica message
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Car from Japan should pick me as one of the winners because I am a big fan of the page, a very competitive person, always looking forward to the great deals and discount on their page. I deserve to win this car because I am hardworking and dedicated individual who is always putting others above myself, I like to see when my friends and family is happy. I love them dearly but this time I would love to have the privilege to win this car so I can stop depend on my brother to take me to places all the time. My mother dont give me any freedom and said to me I must try win a car, you can do it! She believes I can and I would love to see that smile on her face when I won this car. I would still not be selfish I would share my car with my family if they want a use. For example; When my mom wants to go somewhere or when my brother car broke down I can help him out or even If one day my good friend is coming home late from class I can drop her home and ensure she is home safely. In the bible it is said that “sharing is caring” and I always practice it even when persons are unappreciative. Japan used cars are much more cheaper than any other vehicle that come with many accessories which makes it profitable and at good services, the quality of the cars are up to standard, also great loan system and import tax. The rental car in Japan is not so difficult as it may seems which is rather better than travelling by the bus if you love driving, less luggage stuggles or travelling at your own convenient time. Toyota product speaks for itself.

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