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kiiza smith from Uganda message


Am kiiza smith from the proud African country Uganda am a student of law here in Kampala tried to do a lot of business plus being a dealer in used cars to raise money for school fees i have been fighting hard to live a better life as the life of the youths in the states i have worked hard with all my passion to raise money to buy a car but here to have a nice car its about 10 millions to 30 millions so i joined the net to look for cheap cars around the world which i can also afford easily so i found CAR FROM JAPAN and my dream is to drive any car from japan since they are the best founders of the most of the cars we have so am so grateful to be here with you and writing this letter so that you put in consideration for the challenges i have and get when am going to campus to study because of poor transport however i do lack a good car to take and the money i spent in transport a day is more than the money i earn and am given at home so for real some times i miss up lessons because i lack the transport but i wish if i had the car i would be the first at campus always since am very far from campus i can not reach in time , i have been reading most of the post of the CAR FROM JAPAN post that gives hope to people who cant buy for themselves cars and also the promotions you do out on media reached me on my Facebook page and i got a link to fellow you up am so happy that am my dream because i do trust you people will give me a car however i have been praying to GOD for a car because am so tied of moving long distances and in Uganda its too hot and this car will do a lot of great things in Uganda i will go for missions and in trust itself will testify to God because its am prayer car so many friends of mine do even believe that i can drive at my age now may GOD answer my prayers , in Uganda we can work a lot but for our money that’s the salary we get in here is very small so it cant buy a car some one has to work for over 5 [ five] years to buy a nice for themselves in Uganda i really like driving and its my thing because i have business that i will been doing here in uganda and i want your help please i cant not do it alone because i dont have the 10 millions now to buy a car however when you get some people here with cars are suffering alot because they cant maintain them since they bought them at a high price but if i do get this car i will be able to maintain it because its acar i have been waiting for for all my life i do ask all the people that are in my support to help the youth in ugnada like me to raise up because such thing swill help thank you so much

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