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Kiiza Saddam from Rwanda message

Kiiza Saddam from Rwanda message
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Its simple, I know how to drive but have never owned a car, I chose a car which has always been my dream car (Range Rover), whenever I tell people that that’s my dream car, they tell me keep dreaming at least dreaming is for free, directly they are saying your dream is far fetched not attainable but if I won a car from you, I would not only prove them wrong but also inspire them to join the campaign since they will look at me and say ” Nothing is Impossible” and We should dream Big Enough!, that’s one of the reasons you should choose me as a winner, and the other thing, in our family No one has ever owned a car, actually it’s not in our family a lone but in our whole Village, just imagine which kind of News and Excitement I would bring to my community. You only have to choose me as a winner and every one will get know about this, i.e. Marketing.

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