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Ketty Kuyokwa from Zambia message

Ketty Kuyokwa from Zambia message
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I am a keen follower of Japan cars website and all the cars that me and my husband have purchased in the past years ate all from Japan.
The beauty of getting cars from there is the condition in which they arrive in. They are always well reconditioned and arrive when you have been told they will.
I have never had any headache of making followups on a vehicle that is on its way to Africa because from the first time I ever ordered one, I have not been disappointed.
I would love to to win and I would deserve to win because here in Zambia there is no plant for assembling vehicles so it is a bit expensive to both buy and maintain vehicles.
Our roads are mostly like terrains here so I usually have to purchase a new one and sell the old one every now and then. It would save me some money of course and I actually need a car right now (big pajero). Secondly I am very good at marketing as I have good public relations skills so I will go flat out advertising your company when I win the pajero I need!
A car from Japan is every mothers dream such as me and as I mentioned earlier I have never been let down by purchasing a Japanese used car as they are actually more like brand new vehicles which is a good thing for us in the third world states. I deserve to win a car and will be grateful to get a ‘free’ Japanese used car, CAR FROM JAPAN!!!

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