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Kepson Kaunga Nyirenda from Malawi message


It would be great if you pick me as a winner in this Grand giveaway because the prize would change my life in one way or another. For instant, if i win a car it will easy my transport problems when going to work and when am travelling to my home district. The car would also help me to earn some money after giving other people a lift. In addittion to my benefits the company ( i.e CAR FROM JAPAN) would also benefit more from me since i will act as a brand ambassador of the company in my area, community as well as country. I shall be at the for-front in promoting your vehicles to other people in so doing you will receive more customers that would purchase your quality vehicles.

A car from japan is one of the relayable car on most of the roads in our country as well as on international roads. This is so because of the condition of your vehicles ie; quality, low price, low cost of maintanancy including low maillage

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