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Kephas from Kenya message

Kephas from Kenya message
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Toyota CAR FROM JAPAN is the number one car brand in Kenya.
Slogan”The car in front is always a Toyota”. This the is most widely used car in most parts of Africa because of availability of spare parts and even affordability in terms of cost. I will be glad to get one of those dream cars.

The entry of Hino trucks and buses a sister company of CAR FROM JAPAN; Toyota has also increased access to public transport at cheaper cost and ability and people empowerment to own heavy duty vehicles in Kenya which is an advantage to those who travel to far flung areas in the country side going up to hundreds of kilometers by road to reach destinations.

Toyotsu Automart Kenya sells directly new and Japanese used car(s) to Kenyans and even government contracts Toyota CAR FROM JAPAN fleet instead of buying new ones that has reduced maintenance cost.

In a nutshell car from Japan is a blessing to Kenya, Africa and the entire world.
I have looked at other brands but CAR FROM JAPAN still has an edge ahead of the others. The obvious reasons are innumerable and any economy conscience individual will recommend any Toyota brand for you regardless of terrain.

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