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Kenneth Ngwira from Malawi message

Kenneth Ngwira from Malawi message
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It’s become so amazing these days that every time you open up your emails or just being on the internet itself your are bound to get ads which somehow you are not even interested to watch or view. Rarely of these ads are authentic if not a spasm, I do place this ad as well in one of the categories mentioned above, you can not be too sure of either they wanna play with your emotions or are genuine about what they say.

On the contrary, I want to treat this ad with an opportunity of non-doubting since they are standing in for a global company but most assuredly when I’m picked as one of the finalists with the big prize they claim to offer. I’m a traveler therefore they can be rest assured around southern Africa as their brand ambassador. Cars are one of those luxuries one dreams to have but of late it has become a necessity as mobility goes so well with it. Apart from having all these expensive gadgets like televisions, computers, cellphones or anything which is stored inside the house or pockets, cars are more of outdoor machines. It gives one a status and at the same time it is one of those machines that help us in our everyday lives. I mean it is unimaginable thing for me of course, if we could live without them let alone travelling.

Despite all these environmentalists trying to curb carbon footprint they themselves are doing campaigns in the vehicles they wanna be done with. It is a reality that hits you when you get stuck on the road from the campaigns against carbon emissions at the same time you wanna have dinner with your family. Then reality kicks in; you need a reliable means of transportation, quick to get home and bigger to fit all of your family and friends at the same time. The bigger the vehicle, the greater its carbon footprint and more to be desired are those less passenger capacity vehicles but higher in its mobility but dreadful carbon emitters.

I for one would less likely advocate about carbon footprints emissions since these vehicles have become part of our life style but on the other hand would let those who are campaigning against it to carry on as it also brings food on their tables through these organisations-job creation factor I guess.

Well back to our topic why you should shortlist me as your ultimate winner; I’m willing to put your company on the market that will attract new customers as I’ve mentioned in one of the above paragraphs that am a traveler, loves nature therefore country driving is one of my hobbies. Japanese vehicles are a rare bleed down south(za) since the government wants to boost local manufacturing companies but with price affordability of these Japanese used cars they(cars from Japan)stand a chance to compete or even overtake sales if given same rights to be imported.

I spend quite a deal of time surfing through the net, as well as on my social media accounts, i,e, facebook, whatsapp, twitter, instagram yahoo, and google and am subscribed to many local and international goods selling platforms like yard sale, overberg buy and sell not to mention religious and political networks which give me an opportunity to take this news far beyond your horizon.

Being young and agile you must expect unprecedented and prolonged communication which would give the company long term free of charge ambassadorial flag bearer.

There is this phrase which says if someone asks you for fish and I being a fisherman you don’t give them fish rather teach them how to fish for themselves so that they don’t bother you. How do I relate this phrase to this prize campaign, simple! You will teach me how to fish but guess what I’ll bring those fish to you.

My wife is South African and I’m originally from Malawi currently based in Capetown this dual citizenry gives us an opportunity to explore and do business with more than one nation. We’ve got family and friends in both countries and colleagues which would jump in to purchase your products if given the chance and our recommendation.

I’m of the assumption that I do meet all necessary requirement to participate in the competition and this is my very first time to come up with an essay that long and I’am so excited about it. Let me become the voice and marketer of this company and expect good returns.

Most of the time I work from home therefore I have unlimited amount of time to help you sell your products except for my wife who works in sub-local government institution. We will give you full advertorial platform and access to all our associates and business partners as far as your marketing methods are concerned.

Japanese used vehicles are not too popular here and they do not hold any good repute but then if you reward us with a vehicle marching the local products with afford price to middle class then sky will be the limit for your company. I have got no history with regard to your company, like what is your goal, your target market, your vision statement, who owns the business and how it all started but my take is whatever or however it all started, the founder had/has entrepreneurial spirit therefore growth or expansion would always be a goal.

I believe that three corded string/loop is stronger than one therefore together we can achieve more. Let met help you to reach that goal that you become a household name to sub-saharan Africa. If giving away cars is part of your marketing strategy then you have just found one of those candidates who will be more than willing to help you reach those targeted figures and it will make a huge difference and impact into my life.

We are all here on earth to make a positive impact to what Our Creator has freely given us, I salute your campaign. God bless Your team!

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