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Kelvin Epimack Lasway from Aruba message

Kelvin Epimack Lasway from Aruba message
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Hello Car From Japan,
My name is Kelvin Epimack Lasway. A developer and also a full time working entrepreneur residing in Kilimanjaro Tanzania. As a developer I’m focused on the role of new technology on our roads today as such I developed a company called Kamera Ya Usalama Tanzania that benefits all drivers to monitor all activities that happen on the road daily while inside or outside their car.
Since i discovered car from Japan 3 years ago Car From Japan ultimate goal of enriching lives by connecting people and facilitating trade has been successful by growing customers, delivering services to its prospective customers.
Product and price assortment, today 10,000-50,000 cars imported from Japan using different dealerships like Car From Japan, Autorec and SBS which most of them are Japanese used car according to Tanzania Import Authority(TIA).Car from Japan uses its portfolio analysis to help dealers get up to the pricing.Car from Japan are risk takers and understand the market is good for car sales and use market tools and criteria to optimize their sales and margins.
Car from Japan culture of dealership and workplace, Car From Japan cooperate culture is to satisfy their customers in the best possible way.In order to accomplish this they encourage their team and partners to constantly listen, collaborate and innovate.
Car from Japan redefined customer service at dealership level, car from Japan focus is on retaining customers rather than making sales as such every great business is built upon customer satisfaction.
Innovative process and technologies, Car From Japan continuously challenge their own common senses to bring out new excellences, making innovation a common culture across Car From Japan organization.

In 3 Years Since i discovered Car From Japan, I discovered they still do not have operating agency in Tanzania. Being A Winner gives opportunity to car from Japan to market its company and product in many ways. I believe winning this competition will increase my chances of working with Car From Japan as an small agent in Tanzania.

Thank you Car From Japan and May God Bless You In Your Ever Growing Business.

Car From Japan, Forward Ever Backward Never.

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