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Kebasi dennis from Kenya message

Kebasi dennis from Kenya message
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Since i have seen the links from my facebook members and i also logged in and i think ill also share the link to my account and share and i think my Courage’s will join the compaign.
Cars from japan are well made to enhance lifespan of the road and our services.and the other thing is that they are mordarate to our chance of life to reach our daily target.and i appreciate the efforts of japan!!!

  1. Samson makori says

    I am so proud to be linked in this Japanese car campaign .Products from Japan are well received in my community and entire Kenya and this is shown through imports made to our country. Iam going to employ all my efforts and time to do this campaign starting from my community,neighborhood and entire Kenya through invitation by means of modern technology.
    I believe that I will be the winner in Dec and friends will witness this as true while celebrating Xmas
    I need that car

  2. Susan says

    Oh yes that’s perfectly true..Japanese cars are the one that trends in our country. We like them so much. This cars are easy to maintain and the spare parts are always available. Keep it up for this good work.

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