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karin coulsen from South Africa message

karin coulsen from South Africa message
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I have never owned my own car. I travel by public transport, my children are so sick and tired of us traveling with public transport. We cannot go on holidays, out at night or even enjoy a drive to another neighborhood. We can only travel as far as what the public transport allows us to travel.
I want to be the winner because I want to give my family the freedom of what are vehicle gives, to go to the mall, to go to holiday venues, to visit family without time constraints, to be able to just drive and go around where we feel we can go and financially the public transport for a family of 5 works out more than traveling with a vehicle.
I think that Car from Japan is Awesome, they are giving us normal people with no means of private transportation the opportunity to feel good about themselves and help with moral and emotional state of mind. Your company is doing a great thing and it gives a person the freedom to be free and to upgrade our living experience, to see our own country and travel to vast and far areas. I am so happy that this competition is a possibility for me to win a car, I will jump over the moon and back if I win, I will be able to look for work and not just travel to my interviews with a taxi, sometimes I am not able to go to interviews because there are no taxis available for that area.
I will be the happiest person on earth if I can win a car and I will be internally grateful to Car from Japan if I win a car.
Thank you for the change I am given to win a car. Thank everyone at Car from Japan.

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