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I have ever driven ajapanese used car,It was aToyota ipsum,wow,to me it was like ababy i always wanted to hold it in my hands because of its sweetness,confortability and safety.I would wakeup in the night just to look at it and see that its still safe like i left it.I used to drive it long distances but i wouldnt get any issue with it except when i had denied it enough drink(fuel) and could become hesistant to move sometimes on the way.I could also give it some service after the long journeys and wow,we would continue with it and i would feel like it had just left abond in Tokyo.It was my first car but made me love more Japanese cars.Ive heard about Japanese used cars ever since i was born.I would hear words like Toyota,Suzuki,Nagoya etc and i used to enjoy my father’s ride in these cars.These cars are fuel friendly,easy to mantain with easily available spare parts.They are easy to service and repair if anything goes wrong with any part of them.They are also suitable for our roads which can never promise you that they will always be smooth because of the African weather and the way they are made.
Japanese cars were made for all classes of people,those who earn apeanut and those who carry trailers of cash at the end of the months and thats how some of us managed to get one though our earning were not the best.(Cheaper but the best product ever on Market)
These cars also have re-sell value.I have afriend who has kept ajapanese car for more than 7year but has decided to sell it off because she is travelling out of the country for work but many people are interested in buying it.
The japanese cars are also beautiful.They really look nice in the eyes of bothe the owner and other people,Cars like Nadia,spacio,Raum,Noah,The mighty WISH which i call princess myself and many others would make you wish you were acar like them because of their appearances.

I think i should be one of the winners of these free cars because of my love for Japanese cars,my financial status which can only confortably mantain price friendly cars,my ability to advocate for them both in my family and out of my family and the fact that now i dont have apersonal car yet i need one to take my children to school and to church.

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