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Juma Haima Mosha from Tanzania message

Juma Haima Mosha from Tanzania message
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Hi cars from japan! My name Juma Haima Mosha. I prefer to be the winner because all cars from Japan are of high quality and I can make many people order from Japan than from any other places in the world.

All cars from Japan ate of high quality and stays long after one import from Japan.

Japanees cars are strong even nocked the demages are abit small effects then any othe cars from other countries.

All cars from Japan have the spare parts with it all over the country. Meaning that you consider bringing the spares to is for every car. So why not car from Japan?

I always wish to import new car feom Japan but due to tax barriers in My county I found myself buying the used one from my county thou I wish one day to own new from Japan even if used there. THUS THIS IS MY TIME NOW TO OWN THE NEW ONE. THANKS TEAM CARS FROM JAPAN.

So many prices have been mentioned including various optionals to convert the price to cash I wish too to be one of the winner and WHY NOT ME? I hope I shall be the one and I am the one thanks Almighty God fror the orices whether car or any.

Vars from Japan have many to us and many Tanzanian own and buy from Japan I will too one day even if I wont be the winner of any mentioned prices. All the best in this campaign.

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