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Julius Raymond Mtallo from Tanzania message

Julius Raymond Mtallo from Tanzania message
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I am Julius Raymond Mtallo from Moshi, Tanzania. I am residing at the foot steps of mountain Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa.
I was introduced to the car from Japan campaign by my friend. I was impressed to join the campaign because I do appreciate the good job being done by your organization to your customers around the globe. People are fretful of your service. Also your cars are of high quality which can operate on the land of every terrain, taking into account the mountainous nature of the place I was born, raised and I am living. The land also has red soils which turns into mud and slips during rain season.
Its my life long dream to own a car that will help me to overcome the environmental challenges of my land. The only solution is to own a car from Japan. This is the force behind my pertcipation in this campaign.
Its my pleasure that you are going to choose me as a winner so that you will make me realize my dream and make it become true. I will also be a good ambassador of car from Japan who will work hard to help in achieving the goals of you company
Thank you.

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