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Judith Simmons from USA message

Judith Simmons from USA message
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Why should you pick me as a winner?
Well, I’m an old lady driving an old “salvaged” Subaru in an area that consist of unpaved, mountain roads that require an AWD vehicle. And, I have never had my ol Subaru let me down. In my area Subarus are almost as numerous as the deer!
How do I think about CAR FROM JAPAN?
I believe that cars from Japan have out performed the US cars. I have had Toyota, Nissan and now Subaru. So I would answer… I think/feel very confident in cars that have been designed and manufactured by those hard working employees. None have let me down.
Thanks for giving me this opportunity to possibly once more drive a shining new Subaru from Japan. It’s an exciting possibility!
Judy Simmons

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