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Joyce IMINI from Papua New Guinea message

Joyce IMINI from Papua New Guinea message
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I first saw the advertising page about Car from Japan and was interested. One feature which caught my attention was that the cars sold was cheap and affordable for especially people living in the third world countries like for instance me, here in Papua New Guinea.
I joined this campaign mainly because in my country, it is quiet expensive to buy a suitable family vehicle. Inaddition, my husband has knee problem and I am always the one carrying heavy loads of shopping , this include both shop goods and local market products as well. For the majority of us here in Papua New Guinea who can not afford a private vehicle, we usually use the Public Motor Vehicle which is very crowded and we can wait for hours to jump on a bus.
Car from Japan campaign really caught my attention because by doing what is instructed I know I have a 100 percent chance of winning a car.
You people should pick me as a winner because if I get the free car, I will be like proof to others who are mostly in doubt of trying. I will also share my experience to them.
This is due to the fact that most of my people do not believe in all the internet competions and campaigns, they say its scam and not everyone excess most links and websites.
I for one truely believe Car for Japan through friends and public even government offices here in my country who have bought some vehicles through used car from Japan.
I believed having this campaign has inspired me also, I see Cars from Japan as not only a money making company but a company who is also trying to bring service to people and also service at a lower price.
This simply shows that you have given back to the people what they have given you.

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