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JOTHAM NYONI from Zimbabwe message


Dreams can be good or bad depending on each individual person. Some hate dreams and some like them. I am one person who loves dreams. Dreams are good because you allow your imagination to go wild. You can imagine the impossible but with a lot of faith it and determination I can achieve those dreams. When I am fast asleep I do encounter dreams – some scary and some so nice and I hate it when I wake up.

When I am wide awake I do imagine myself in possession of a Toyota Hiace Van or Nissan NV350 or a simple Car that move my person from one area to another. This is good dream because it concerns my goals in life. When I was 14 years old I imagined that one day I would be working in a very nice office and I have since achieved my dream. I am employed by a Retail Company that numerous branches across the country. My dream right now is that maybe before year end I should be driving a car that bears my name. Car From Japan has rekindled my dream and I so grateful because you have offered my person the opportunity to test my dreams once more.

Life is a challenge and without dreams one might never achieve anything in one’s life time. I remember one good year I had lost track of the cattle that I was herding in a farm and had to fetch them for days without any leads. I had lost all hope of ever finding them – 10 herd of cattle simple vanishing into the thin air. My parents and other relatives could not believe this sudden loss of their wealth. I was now joined by other relatives in search of these missing cattle. The days went by time ticking fast. One , two , three days slide by and the pain grew and suffocated my being and now I was eating less and less as the days went by. I lost touch of time or days because daily I would go back to the farm searching every piece of land, hill , low ground , high ground , bushy forests. I crossed many streams , up and down so I went. All my relatives had lost hope and had abandoned the search.

What a devastating experience. My dreams were getting less bright each day and I could not stomach the pain my parents were going through. The hope of ever recovering those cattle appeared to be a mere pipe dream. I could hear a very faint voice in my ear somewhat distant- “don’t lose hope you will get those cattle”. I could no longer convince my relatives about remaining positive when there appears to be no leads as to the whereabouts of those Bulls and Cows. What on earth should I do?. This question kept on nagging my person. I felt very much an isolated island within the family. My parents had no kind words for me. No one dared be on my side.

Despite these set backs I soldiered on. Rumours were making rounds in the surrounding concerning some cattle that were seen being driven by some cattle rustlers. Just to imagine our cattle having been stolen was the worst form of cruelty that could be unleashed on any man. There are certain times dreams could just vanish into thin air. Since no one was keen to go out searching for those animals, the burden remained on my shoulders, since two months had gone by without any trace of these livestock. My parents became too distant and very quiet indeed. I had no one to rely on. My relatives said it openly that it was sheer waste of time to go to the farm searching. They recommend that we refocus our energies on some issues that were productive.

Since I was now a loner I would wake up at dawn go to farm and come back home at dusk. I was no longer keen to associate with anybody. That Commercial farm measured thousands of square kilometres in area. The area was too big for a young teen like myself or even an adult to roam alone, but the circumstances then prevailing at home meant that this was now a one man show. The children of my age also shunned my presence. I did criss cross the farm, I would go north in one day and go south the next morning. A few days later I would roam west or east, I was now desperate to save my neck. Hunger was now my friend especially in the afternoon because I would only eat early in the morning and late at night. Those were the times I would be at home.

One good day i had the opportunity to meet one old man who became interested in my situation. I explained the reason I was roaming in the bush alone. It was now 16 weeks of futile searches and my hopes or should I say dreams were fast fading away. I told that old my name but surprisingly refused to divulge his. After some few discussions it time for us to part ways. He looked at me and shock his head advised me to go cross river Ngezi just after Chomumvuri Railway Station and search in that area. The area mentioned was well known for for dangerous wild animals, namely Lions and Leopards. I had no choice but to go that place come rain or thunder. I could not go to mentioned place the very day because evening was approaching very fast.

The next day I woke up early as usually and went straight to Chomumvuri and I arrived around 11am in the morning. I rested a bit at the empty rail crossing junction for about an hour. I left the junction and crossed the Ngezi River at a near by dam wall. Having walked about a few Kilometres from the dam I could not believe what had just surfaced before my very eyes. I had searched for these cattle for weeks and now I have located them. I counted the number of beasts and there were still intact , 10 in all. I gathered my cattle and went back home. My parents could not believe what was before them but never the less , I was relieved. My dream to own a car is still live in my person. I know very well that it will happen through- Car From Japan.

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