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Joseph Revocutus from Tanzania message

Joseph Revocutus from Tanzania message
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As I have introduced in my profile, how glad I am to me to inter on this competition. I would like to take this chance to say some thing about car from Japan, firstly the commette will take me as the winner due to the following criterias. One; I have fulfilled criterias mentioned by the company, two; my age allows me to own car as per national rules and regulations, three; I have full participated on this campaign up to now I have higher percentage above 85% so from this its how I will be considered as the winner
Secondly on the next question on how do I think on Japan car, on. My side cars from Japan are very good and very tough cars, in my country we believe that car from Japan are only car which are original compared to other cars from other nations, not only cars but also other equipment produced by the national of Japan.
From above how I tried in my real best to explain the two questions asked, in my side, who glad I will be if I will win on this competition, I think I will be a good ambassador of car from Japan to make the company and national as well.
Am the the Tanzanian guy doing petty busines, so when I will win this competition from this campaign I will make my life better and I will raise the national’s revenues, from that point we as Tanzanian we are fighting to uplift the country from poorest level.
In my thought , among the winner which will earn this car are among of the people who fulfilled the criterias mentioned by the campaigner to select the one who have fulfilled in the real best that guard all people joined on the campain , failure of getting higher percent of point is the failure of earning the gift .
One thing I would like to tell the campaigner to look foward on where the person coming from, example many people from Africa they most use their native language, rather than English language, so as you look for every person from Africa on his or her chronological arrangement of sentences is not very good , also grammatical arrangement, so one thing should consider are the content only rather than chronological and grammatical arrangement.
I would like to say thanks for this campaign, I think It will help on up lighting persons life standard.
I wish you nice and good job.

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