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JOSEPH KIEMA KALAKYO from Kenya message

JOSEPH KIEMA KALAKYO from Kenya message
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Dear Lan Phan,
Kindly it has been my dream even when i was a kind to have Toyota car from Japan.I have been trying with all my effort to have a car,recently i tried to borrow a loan to purchase car but i was told since bank rates were cut down by CBK they are not offering loans until further notice.Am pleading you consider me because surely i have tried to own a car.I joined this you because i knew you guys are good heartened people.Consider me please.Car from Japan are made with high technology and once you have it you have no doubt with it just enjoying life.God has blessed people of Japan with high technology.That’s why car from Japan are all over the world.Thanks Car from Japan for considering me Joseph Kalakyo.
Yours faithfully,


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