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Joseph KAMANZI MPABUKA from Rwanda message

Joseph KAMANZI MPABUKA from Rwanda message
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TOPIC: Why should you pick me as winner ?
Since I knew CAR FROM JAPAN CO., LTD. in the East African Countries, I realised that many people are well served in other Countries rather than Rwanda yet the products from this famous companies are needed by so many people in East African countries. Though you might have another representative in the country (Rwanda), I think I play this role accordingly, and have a plot in Bugesera District ( near by the main road from Kigali close to a big Hotel named La Palisse hotel), whereby We can keep the cars from your company safely, and if you wish we can even construct a shade in the same plot. I can assure you that Security is 100 percent better than the surrounding countries. I will be able to hire a local team to cater for Marketing and required technical support in the region, and the team should be trained by your experts in accordance with your standards.
The said plot can be provided for only permanent exhibition, but for a long run I should be able to avail another plot where we can store other vehicle and make a repair activities when necessary.
Most of people like the way your product are easy to repair, and they enjoy the availability of your spare parts in the region, but still a big representation in this Country would be of high importance, and where possible we can think of a school to train young local people in deferent areas to serve the Company locally.
I am committed to work closely with your company so as to implement strategies for increasing the number of vehicles sold in the country/region, and hence contribute to the development of the particular district where the exhibition will take place, by creating jobs to the local young people as well as young entrepreneurs. In this aspect, targets will be set to our young dealers, and workshop shall be organised to increase the know how in this domain.
My intent is to get strongly engaged in this domain, and I would suggest to be in touch with the responsible person so as to have the terms and conditions and any other document(s) that can be helpful to be your representative in my Country.
I will appreciate to have a feedback from your end once you receive this proposal of mine.
I am ready to abide by the law, and comply with any other agreement that shall bind us for the purpose of improving the business activities of your company in this area.
Together we shall reach the envisioned targets and make a better link between your country and ours.
Finally, I am convinced I am the right person to be the winner for this time in my country.

with regards,

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