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Joseph John from Tanzania message

Joseph John from Tanzania message
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My Name is Joseph John Likilo From Tanzania I’m A Teenager (20 years) After Finishing My Studies I Started My Own Job (SELF EMPLOYER) But Everytime In My All Life Since That Time I Knew To Use Webs on Some Softwares Like Computer and Mobile Smartphone Which Support Internet, I started To Find Where Can I Fulfill My Dreams To Drive My Own Car As a Teenager, one Day in My Smartphone On Google I See The Competition at Beforward Company 2014 To Chose Your Dreams Car And If You Answer That Question Your Can Win A New Giveaways Toyota IST on That Year, But When I Tried To Enter My Details, I’m Late The Enter is Already Closed For Two Days Earlier, That’s Could not Make Me To Be Lazy That’s why I know at The Next Year 2015 I will Try Again To Find Another Way, When The New Year Become I Connect My PC on Internet And I Started To Find A Happy New Year Giveaways New Car 2015, There Are Some Webs Called Payed Survey at Home I Started To Enter my All Details To See What’s That Can Pay you At Home Without To Do Anything… When I Tied To Be a Slave on Webs Everytime I Disconnect The Data On PC And After One Day I Changed my Simcard From The Mordem To My Android Smartphone… When I’m Finishing To Enter My Details on Android There Are So Many Email Started To Entering It’s Like (147 New Emails in My Inbox) For What I Think Is A Wrong Way In My Brain I Knew That There Are So Many Giveaways On That’s Emails On My Gmail Inbox But There Is No More It’s Just The Trick For Me To Entering My Details Vs My Money Card I Already Knew That There Is So Many Thief Online, I’m not going to be Lazy Anymore I Started To Unsubscribe All Emails At Payed Surveys, I’m Starting To Use Again The Google Site To Find Where Can I Get A Giveaways To Win A New Car Which Can Solve My Problems When I Started Going To Collage 9/2017 But From That’s Time Am in high school at New era High School. From The Next Month On That Year 2015 (5) My Journey on Webs Are Going To Stack Because There Are Many Exams Near When I Finish My All Examination on that year When Become A Next New Year 2016 I Started Again My Journey To Fulfill My Dreams As A Teenager I Started Again To Find If There is Another Giveaways Car On That Year The Thing Which I gate is No more Giveaways Near Your County All Giveaways Is For The all European People Or The Countries Which Are Developed As I you Can See That Our Country Is Not a Developed County But Always I Love My Country Republic of Tanzania, But All The Days Become I Knew That’s There Are Day Become To Fulfill My Dreams For All The Days In That Year 2016 I Didn’t Found Anything Giveaways Competition But I’m Telling The Truth That At That Month 10 in 2016 When I’m On My Way To Work I Open My Google To Fill Everywhere Where Are The Giveaways Cars All Over The World I’m Truth That I See Your Website at But On My Cerebellum I Didn’t Think That Is The Way Which Can Fulfill My Dreams Since 2014, I Take its so easy Any To Turning of My Data connection on My Android phone, on The Next Month At that year I see The Freelotto Game Which Can Make You Worth When You Can Play The Games Of Choosing numbers on my brain State that when I play that Freelotto Games I Can Win Cars Or More $200000 Hahaha That’s Why I Started To Find The Way If Truth My Brain Said Can I Win I Started To Play I So Lazy Because There Are So Many Which You Need To Complete Like What’s Your Company Adress As You Know I Haven’t I Big Work, From That Time I Quit The Journey on Freelotto Games online The Next Year 2017 I knew That This Item Can Be A Year of Success My Journey Started At The New Year I Remember That Day I Went To Church When I Finish The Time To Pray God I went On My Work At market But There Is Something I see on my email there some one of My Friend Sent me An Email When I Opened I See There is Some Game Which Can I makes money When I Doing The Marketing To Invites People To Join on That Indian Games I Chaked The App On My Playstore I catch And That’s True Started Makes Money in My Card, From The Next Month Again I See The Car From Japan #Japaneseusedcar On That Day I Said That is the Day Which Can I Complete and To Fulfill my Dreams I Opened Again And Started To Enter My Own Details At #carfromjapan When I Finish That Simple Work After One Minutes There Are Some New One Emails Are Coming on My Inbox Gmail I Opened It It’s From #carfromjapan I Started to select The Car Which I need (mazda) and To Invites more People to join As A Marketing, But All Of That’s Is My Journey To The Website To Find If There Is Some Car Giveaways Which Can Make My Dreams To Come True For Our Country The Job of Invites Swahili people Is So Harder Because Of Language Many People Are pushed away That’s Why I’m Begging You In The Giveaways To Give Me a Favor, I Doing This Work Hard To Get That Gift in This Year, The This Which I Want is To Drive My Own New Car As Teenager To Fulfill My Work At Our Near Region To Make My Bussiness Biggest As Teenager in My Lovely County TANZANIA…

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