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Joseph J Klanda from Tanzania message

Joseph J Klanda from Tanzania message
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Hi Lan,
I do appreciate your effort of making people’s dreams come alive, I have decided to join this campaign because it is my longtime dream, not only just to possess my own car, but a car from japan.
I am also heartfelt interested to be your representative in my country (Tanzania) especially in northern party where is my destination.
As an energetic and passionate youth with vision and mission to fulfill, so I think it’s my right time to own my own car to foster my daily routine easily and timely with efficiency. It can only be possible by having strong and stable transport means all the time.
In my struggle to success, I believe that, your campaign has come definitely to encourage working spirit to those who dare to try different issues or rather opportunities cutting across their daily life, regarding that, are within the interest of local and international laws.
Your campaign can be traced as inspiring factor because, apart from searching winners, you increase network from different people from various countries around the world. It is also play an education role as participants can share their ideas and give the room to new experience hence increase sense of creativity.
The campaign can leads to evoke people’s spirit of working hard and creatively to stick on their dreams and to keep on trying as many as possible as much as they can in various societal pregnant campaign aim at awarding the winner through competitive participation.
For me, this is more than a campaign; I see it as a road to my next level of thinking and accomplishment of daily deeds.
I just wait for “MY CAR” direct from Japan.

Thank you in advance.
Best regards.
By: Joseph Klanda.

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