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Joseph Gekondo from Tanzania message

Joseph Gekondo from Tanzania message
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if you pick me as a winner i would gladly expose to the society how excellent the cars from Japan are, Frankly speaking ever since i was born ive been hearing encouraging and motivating words from the people around me about the products from Japan particulary the Cars and Motorcycle actually this reflect the good image to Japanese product. so i’ll keep on empasizing and promote to the people of Tanzania to buys cars from Japan because they are 100% Genuine without a doubt.ill make sure to share this to every classmates and friends i have been having ever since i was born, am only saying this from the bottom of my heart this is no joke.I have been in love with cars from Japan ever since my dad bought his double carben hilux pick up really from Japan,you can’t imagine of what am about to say.The car he bought is still in Very good condition only he has to do is to perform the car service at the designed interval to comply with wellbeing and good condition of the car. Cars from Japan are reliable, durable, affordable and flexible depending on environment you are, i would love to say this from the bottom of my heart that if you pick me the winner believe me, i’ll not stop the marketing just because it has ended instead i’ll keep on emphasising to the people to buy the cars from Japan by all the means i have got to all the friends, coligies, relative and the classmates to whom i went to kindergarten till in the university. Iam a Tanzanian am about to to expand the knowledge by persuing masters of highway and transportation Engineering so,my Marketing will not that end here but to any nation abroad that i going to take my masters degree. Now days not only the mother body but the body of different cars are as compared to cars from Japan.

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