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Joseph Black Banda from Tanzania message


I really need to drive my dream car form company that offers quality, strong, clean. I had a chance to drive one car from CAR FROM JAPAN it was very beautiful and clean.
CAR FROM JAPAN offers it’s cars at a very affordable price JEVIC inclusive, with other companies their JEVIC is very expensive.
Your competition is real because the WINNER of the 1st price is my relative GIFT SAKALA from Zambia.
I drove his car the one he WON from CAR FROM JAPAN from Tanzania to Zambia without any problems. Years back I entered into competitions from other companies. The competition was FAKE despite having a lot of points no winners were announced.
When I first head about the competition from your company I did not enrol because I thought is was one of those companies wasting peoples time. But with you it’s different AM A WITNESS BECAUSE I HAVE SEEN AND DRIVEN IT a Toyota Noah with in colour. The next car will be mine.

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